On Break

“Come experience modern board games and never be bored again!”


Board In Palmy is taking a break in 2018.


We always intended it to be an every 2 years thing, however circumstance and popularity meant that we have so far held it more often (last 4 years). We've worked hard to make a recognisable brand identity associated with a well organised and enjoyable gaming event.

We would like to thank previous attendees again for coming, and being a part of the Palmerston North gaming community. We are looking to return for our 5th year in 2019, hopefully in a bigger venue.


Alastair & Bethani

What is Board in Palmy?

Board in Palmy is a chance to play games over a weekend-long event. We invite both Palmerston North locals and those from out of town to join the fun! There will be prizes, free parking, friendly staff, tournaments and a library of games to play. It doesn't matter if you're new to modern board games, or a seasoned player, you are welcome in our gaming community.

- Your hosts, Alastair Manning & Bethani Eustace.

What Board Games do you play?

The games on offer are often called ‘modern board games’. These are games which favor skill over luck and which rarely eliminate players. The strategy isn't typically as heavy as games like chess so the experience is also a social one (with chat over the board and cards) as well as one of tactics.

There is a wide range of game play including co-operative games where you play against the board, puzzle-solving games, card games, negotiating games, games where you build stuff,  games where you think you're working together but there's a traitor in your midst and the list goes on...


Who’s it for?

The average attendee is 20-50yrs, and some of them even bring their kids! Children 12 or younger can enter for free, but must be accompanied by a supervising adult. Most games are recommended aged 8+ years. If you’ve never played a ‘modern’ board game before, we have friendly staff who can teach you some ‘intro’ games to see if you enjoy the hobby.


* Watch a video! * - An Intro To Board Games, by Shut Up & Sit Down

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