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“Come experience modern board games and never be bored again!”

Below are the tournaments that will be available at Board in Palmy this year. You can sign up to participate in tournaments when you book your tickets. Note places are limited and you must have paid for your ticket to have a confirmed position.


  • Saturday July 1st - 1pm
  • 2 rounds + a final.
  • Players will be awarded points based on their finishing position.
  • Up to 16 players.
  • Recommended ages 10 years and up.

Lords of Waterdeep

  • Saturday July 1st - 4pm
  • 1 round + a final.
  • Up to 12 players.
  • Recommended ages 12 years and up.



  • Sunday July 2nd - 11am start (play length approximately 30mins per player, break for lunch)
  • 1 round - highest points winner.
  • Up to 9 players (includes teacher)
  • Recommended ages 14 years and up.



Mega Civilization - Cancelled

  • Sunday  July 2nd. All day game. Starts 10:15am promptly! Ending 5:30pm
  • Up to 18 players (including teacher).
  • Recommended ages 12 years and up.


Do you dream of world domination?

Consider yourself an armchair Napoleon or Genghis Khan?

Are you familiar with the phrase "one more turn"?

Have you played a game with a board that is over 2 meters long?

Do you want to be part of a New Zealand first?! (As far as we know.)

Or just have nothing planned for Sunday?


If you answered Yes to any of those questions then this could be for you!


We'll teach you how to play, plus included below are a few links to some videos and resources if you want to prep beforehand.


Description from the publisher:

Mega Civilization, a huge version of the legendary development game Civilization, is a game of skill for 5 to 18 players covering the historical development of ancient civilizations from just after the last Ice Age to the dawn of the new era at the end of the Iron Age, a time span of almost 8,000 years. Each player leads their own civilization as it tries to expand its culture over a map board that stretches from the Mediterranean Sea to India.


Although battles and territorial strategy are important, Mega Civilization is not a war game as you might expect when looking at the map board. Instead, the objective of play is to gain a level of overall advancement involving trade, diplomacy, cultural, economic, scientific, political, civic, and religious factors. The player who most effectively balances these various goals will achieve the best scores and win.


Each civilization begins with a single population token, and every turn each player increases their population by adding tokens to each area they occupy. These tokens can be moved over the map board by land or (using ships) by sea. As each area has a population limit, a good strategic overview will give players advantage in occupying more and more areas. If a player manages to move sufficient tokens into an area, they can build a city there. These cities generate trade cards which will eventually lead to wealth. During trade sessions, players receive not only the commodities they need to complete sets; they might also receive calamities which will remove population or cities.


Specific Civilization Advances will protect the players from natural or civic calamities. The development of these Civilization Advances is symbolized by turning in sets of trading goods, as the wealthier civilizations will acquire more Civilization Advances.


As civilizations develop, it will be harder for their rulers to find the right balance between future population growth, maintaining enough support for their cities, and increasing their treasury. If they cannot manage their token population, their cities might eventually revolt during the tax collection phase. The civilizations with the strongest economy traditionally score the highest.


Will you be able to find the perfect balances of Diplomacy, Aggression, Economic prowess and Scientific Technology to attain domination and become the Victor?


Sign up and find out! This is guaranteed to be a game you will never forget!


Boardgame Geek Page


Link to Brief Rules Overview Video (17 mins)


What does an 18 player game of Mega Civ look like? (2m 37s)


The rules to Mega Civ (We will teach you how to play.)


The Mega Civ FAQ



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